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Friday, 26 February 2010

Tapering is exhausting!

...'cos I'm not tired at night and so am having a bit of trouble dropping off to sleep.  One (?) plus is that I now get to see a few TV programs I'd previously fallen asleep through!

Today's training is nothing, nil.. a "rest day".  

Today's task is to sort out the bike's weight problem once and for was still 20gm shy yesterday.  The weights under the saddle had  shifted, so I think  something down the seat tube might be the go..well padded so as not to rattle. I've tried another heavier seat tube but the angle isn't right.  So off to Ben's shop I go for help with the task.

With only 3 days and 9 hours to go I'm now starting to dream of my life post attempt, working out how to start building up my training to be able to deal with  28 days of >100km of hilly riding up the length of Italy

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