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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Gulp! 4 days 10 hours to go

Not much to report in this's training is an easy road ride or easy ergo and I have to drive over to Ivanhoe cycles to put Jens with race wheels on onto the official weighing machine.

Monday's forecast has dropped to 22 degrees with Friday in the 30's.....hmm!  Melbourne weather is always a great source of conversation....after weeks of being unable to contemplate having even a sheet covering me overnight, last night was quite chilly and was snuggle under the doona(duvet) time and its still summer. 

I'm starting to fantasize about March 2nd and beyond. I'm looking forward to have a glass or two of adult beverage  for starters! then my training will change as I start getting used to riding 100km day after day after day. To this end I've cancelled my staff car park ticket and will start riding to work. I can also get round to bleeding out $$$ for the various trips I'm doing, having only paid  deposits so far.

I've added another trip to the list...(getting a taste for this!) I'm off to NZ for the Wattyl Lake Taupo Challenge in late November.  I'd been debating whether or not to do this when I saw that some Eastern Vets club mates are going and have a bed free in their accommodation.  That was all it took and so the flight is booked and paid for and all I have to do is enter. By the end of the year I should either be extremely fit or totally wasted..or both.

Next year I'm looking at cycling trips in Canada and South Africa.   I'm very aware that we never know what is round the corner for us and so am keen to do these trips while I'm fit and healthy and this attitude  has been underlined in spades since I heard of a cycling friend in her 40's who's discovered she has lung cancer with secondaries in her hip.

Phil is back from Morocco which turned out not to have been the best of all his trips...the weather and his gut  having let him down a bit....a minor attack of Delhi belly struck again.


Buttsy said...

Hi Liz, good luck next week, I was planning on coming and even had another friend from Melb booked to come and support, but I am now starting a photography course and it starts on Monday and we have a half day Tuesday so I wont get there. Damnit.....I was really looking forward to watching someone in pain.....but remember pain is temporary ..quitting is forever......Some famous guy siad that although I dont think he has a one hour record on the track. Your trips sound fantastic the NZ one would be great, I would love to do something like that, but will have to see what the year has planned before I start thinking about things like that. I cant even get to DISC to watch you FLY! Good Luck

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

tnx Judith...I'm not sure "fly" is what I do ..I think my efforts are more akin to "watching grass grow"!