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Saturday, 27 February 2010

It's Saturday

Training: Road ride later today (massage at 9am)

Tasks: Yesterday  Ben and I got Jens'  weight issue sorted with an elongated parcel of fishing sinkers stuffed into the bottom of the Schmolke seat post and kept there by a plug at the end of the post.  Got it all together again and it came in at 6.8kg exactly.  Now lets hope the official weighing machine agrees!  Can't currently think of anything else I need to do.

And for the rest of the time between now and when I leave home for the velodrome.......hmm not sure.  Watch the early rounds of the Melbourne Cup on wheels at DISC, go to the cinema, watch DVD's, do the right recovery/taper stuff ie rest up/keep off my legs, think longingly  about after the event and finally get anxious and indulge in worrying about a small niggle in my left knee and the sneezing I've been doing the last 3 days....

I also have to keep well clear of Phil who has returned from Morocco with a stomach upset.

and there's only 58 hours to go

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