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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Taper time

  • Panic re:  the UCI and the 60+ record is now over as its been changed to  the 60-64 record.
  • Training  last night was spinning  on the rollers for 30 minutes  and today is a 20 minute lapping effort on the boards.
  • I  have 3 fishing sinkers taped to the underside of my saddle - Jens weighs 6.820kg and so I can either leave it as it is with slightly heavier pedals on or put on the lighter pedals and add another small sinker!...decisions decisions!
  • I'm having trouble getting to sleep..not anxiety yet..just all part of the taper since I'm not tired.
  • I've distributed flyers out at work headed "Want to see a Physio suffer" the answer seemed to be a 100% "YES! we want Physios to suffer".
  • Monday's forecast 25 degrees cloudy.
 Still to do:
  1. Check that the right amount of officials are engaged for the night
  2. Check which weighing machine is being used and get Jens onto it
  3. Check the cafe is still ok to be open for the evening
On the topic of "not getting sleep" I've taken to listening to audiobooks to help me drift off...this is fine when they're on CD's , but when they're on your iPod you have no idea when exactly you fell asleep.  So what I propose is a device in the iPod which can detect when your brain stops being alert and will trigger it to turn off...a sort of extremely smart snooze mode.

Yikes!  5 days 10 hours to go


    GPLama said...

    Tapering has to be the toughest part of our sport. We're conditioned to work hard to get results, working less goes against what feels right, even if its only for a week or a few days. One way I manage a taper period is to have trust in the training that I've done over the past weeks and months. Trust that it'll be more than enough to perform at a targeted level, or even a step above.

    All the best with the final preparation days. See you on Monday at DISC!

    asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

    tnx for your thoughtful comment, which has helped flick me into the right mind set and, given the slower recovery I have nowadays,I really do need to take tapering alot more seriously than I used to.