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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

6 days and 9 hours to go

The forecast for Monday is finally up on the BOM site and it looks like it'll be perhaps a bit on the cool side of perfect but at least I'll not be feeling ill from heat and humidity.

I had planned to get onto the track at 0800 this morning for some steady sub speed/threshold lapping, but failed to ring DISC to see if it was free so have had a lie in instead and will go a bit later at a more civilised time.

Before Phil went away to Morocco I'd told him I wouldn't be meeting his 0600 flight this morning as I was usually at the track on a Tuesday and such an early arrival was stretching the friendship to breaking point what with the airport being at least an hour's drive away.  Anyhow I'm truly glad I stood my ground on that one since he'd got his days wrong on the list he'd typed out for me and he doesn't actually arrive until tomorrow! The flight into Melbourne is a daily one so had I gone to meet him  I'd have been hanging round for hours waiting for him to emerge.  

What luck...for both of us!!!

Yesterday I got my tyres checked and they're fine.   I also had a panicked conversation with Cycling Australia following an email telling me the oldest age grade in the hour records is called 60+ rather than 60-64 and at close to 40km is not one I can better.  I asked them to ensure the UCI would be granting a 65-69 record which they should since there are other records in that age group I do hate it when these glitches come about in the final run up and wish officials would get things sorted weeks out rather than days does my head in at a time when I shouldn't have these sort of worries.

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