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Sunday, 28 February 2010


Today's temperature of 18-20 degrees is one that I function very well in but sadly is not really warm enough for good times on the track...but fingers crossed  tomorrow will be warmer.

Training today was s'posed to be 20 minutes spinning on the road bike, but instead I opted to ride Jens on the outdoor track to see if I could discern anything different what with the small padded parcel of fishing sinkers stuck in the seat post.  I couldn't so mission accomplished.  Thanks Ben. Sadly for me, Ben is unable to be trackside tomorrow as he is taking part in the DT Swiss Mountains to Beach Race which is a 5 day/11 stage mountain bike race from Thredbo to Narooma.  We've exchanged "good lucks"!

While circling around the Blackie track I came into rather closer contact with a bird than I like.  This idiot bird obviously had found a choice morsel which it wasn't going to give up as 3 times it flew up from the same spot as I passed.  Well, I say idiot, but clearly it had some learning capacity since each time was less dangerous for both of us....either that or there were 3 different birds.  The first time it flew up very late and passed between my wheels and under my pedals.....there was a very small collision and on the next circuit I sorta half  expected to see a carcass...but no.  Next time round it flew up from the same spot on the grass, but this time just a little bit ahead of me and the final time it was up and away long before I reached it.  

Excuse of the year..sorry folks..can't do the attempt I got knocked off the bike by a bird.....yeah right!

28 hours  23minutes to go

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