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Friday, 12 February 2010

An invitation for March 1st

to support me in my Hour Record attempt and  I say "attempt" deliberately because with the incredibly uncomfortable/inclement weather we've been having recently my training has gone off the rails more than somewhat (its been either wet and windy, windy or very humid and hot).  

The attempt will take place at DISC 5.30pm (1730) on Monday March 1st. and I'd love to have people come along and give me support since, if my recent trial is any indication, I'll need heaps of verballing  vocal support of a raucous nature to get me over the line. The licensed caff will be open for drinks and snacks.

I'm really keen to get this in the bag as I'm also going to try for a World Best Time(Record) in the 500m TT at the Nats in April, which would make a rather unusual doubleUnless someone has again sneaked in while I wasn't looking, I should be creating the WMA8 (women 65-69 year old) record for the hour, but there is a time for me to beat in the 500m TT.


Buttsy said...

It is on my calendar - just have to remember how to get to DISC - I dont get there as often as I should........

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

thanks Judith..much appreciated