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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Counting the days

Not that I'm counting of course...much!

However this is where I'm at currently.....

I have 23 days  til I make an attempt to create a World Hour Record for WMAS 8 (ie women 65-69 years old)
I have 53 days  to front up for work before I cease permanent part time work permanently
I have 90 days until l I fly out  to take part in the 35 day tour of Italy riding from Palermo to Como

in there somewhere but currently not being counted are the State and National Masters Track Champs  (March and April respectively) where I'm going for a World Record in the 500m TT. I managed to break it in an earlier event but it couldn't be ratified as there was no drug testing/not enough officials and a few other things that made it ineligible.

The hour and the 500m records make  for an interesting bookending of effort do they not.

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