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Monday, 15 February 2010

Decent weather and a clean bill of health

Woo!hoo!  the temperature is in the mid 20's and all is good again.  Last week I had a dress rehearsal for the hour attempt but with the incredibly exhausting weather we've been having recently and lacking a good night's sleep for about a week, I was waaay off.  Started too quick (memo.. pacing, pacing, pacing you idiot ,not how you feel) and just didn't have what it took .  So that's been called the dress rehearsal of the dress rehearsal and the dress rehearsal proper will take place this Wednesday.

I decided that  I'd have to buy a stand alone AC unit just in case the weather turned feral again, but when I discovered they cost $600-800 decided that for that I'd could book into a motel for 8 nights!! that's the plan..feral weather = retreat to a motel.

and the clean bill of health?...well for my 35 day cycling trip from south to north of Italy and 'cos I'm over 60, I've had to get a doctor's certificate to say I can cope...the ignominy of it..just because I'm over 60..pffft!.  

So in order to get this  certificate I've had to go through a 3 stage test...
Stage 1 was heart lungs and abdo prodding in the doctor's office...pass.  
Stage 2 was ECG, and blood tests as follows..glucose, cholesterol, thyroid function, liver function.  All came back as well and truly ok and the technician for the ECG said she rather wished her ECG looked as good as mine!..heart rate for the test was 49.  I haven't taken my resting HR recently but its always been in the low 40's, so 49bpm when up and about  is good. 
Stage 3...well I  guess I should be grateful I have a conscientious doctor but I'm a bit peeved 'cos despite the flying colours results, he wants me to do stage 3, which is a stress test. When  I booked in for the test I asked what the protocol  was and  was told that I'd be asked to walk on a treadmill until I got to a certain heart rate...!!!  I asked if I might have to run...not likely she said..more like a brisk walk...ha! ha!..can't see there's going to be much stress in that test.  something tells me I'll be running.  

The test costs $464 of which I should be able to get $300 back..luckily (or unluckily) I can say I have a family history of coronary problems or I'd have have to fork out the full amount.

13 days 23 hours til I start my hour attempt

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