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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Bloody cat

I don't post very often on Facebook..more of a lurker..but here's today's input....."sheeeee-t bloody cat..another live rat in the house..this time (shudder) in order to escape the cat it decided to climb up Alex who calmly walked outside with me in the background thanking my stars it chose him and not me. Now I know they can climb that well I'm really keeping out of the way".

I love my cats but sometimes that love is sorely challenged!  and thank god for a brave Alex...calmly walking outside with a rat clinging to his T shirt!! shudder shudder yeeeeetch shudder shudder.

Actually what was even more disconcerting was the way the rat ran/climbed up the outside house wall...our house is made of  weatherboard ...horizontal bits of wood nailed to a it was climbing up a shiney recently painted smooth surface...scarey.  Also I think I'm going to have to get some sort of ??skirt? at the bottom of each of our inside doors so at least any future rodent visitors can't get out of the room the cats are corralled in overnight.

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