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Sunday, 28 February 2010

and here's me thinking I speak clearly! or how pre race nerves got the better of me

I just got off the phone with an automated voice at Ticketek..I usually buy my tickets via their  webpage but this time it wasn't allowing me to buy anything, so needs must.....

I was trying to buy 2 tickets to the show CATS and this is how the conversation took place a few minutes down the track:  

Automated female voice..what day would you like to go? 
Me: March the 7th. 
AFV: sorry cats is not in Melbourne on July the 12th. 

I then went through the whole thing again and when she asked what show I was asking after and  I said "Cats, in Melbourne"  she then went into a spiel about the Melbourne Cricket Ground.....WTF???????   (Geelong football club are the "Cats" I guess that explains that little mystery)

Anyhow at that point I'd had enough and took great delight in telling her what a total moron she was and hung up.  

Ticketless still, but feeling alot better!

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