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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Work upheavals,the week's training and holiday preparations

Work upheavals:
This week has been one of those unsettling times where not only did we have Tuesday off to celebrate Australia day, resulting in a certain amount of confusion in my small brain as to exactly what day it was for the rest of the week, but there was also alot of angst amongst the managerial levels at work due to a certain "re-structuring".  This of course didn't effect me except WRT the funding for my Workplace Wellness and Communications Group...will it keep going past this financial year?

This week also seems to have been when many have come back from holidays since I've been approached by rather alot of staff expressing surprise that I'm retiring....the word is out so I'd better start preparing a speech for the farewell party!

This week's training:
has been a mix of roundy roundy roundy plus 2.5 hr road rides.  The weather has been calm enough for me to do laps on the outdoor track, which not only saves money but also time since the track is 400m, just over the road, from where I work. This weekend's efforts will be on the road..2 x long steady rides with today's been more effortful than tomorrow's. For the rest of the week I'll be on the track Tues and Thurs and the road for very, very easy efforts MWF.

Holiday preparations:
I'd have to confess to looking forward to changing my training over to preparing for my Italian epic, although once I start slogging uphill again the groans will be in the mega decibel range.  I've started off the proceedings for getting a medical far its blood tests and an ECG, but if the GP  wants to  I might end up having to have a stress test.  HA!

I've got myself a new set of  contact lens..they were s'posed to allow me to read maps as well as everything else, but the optician gave me the ability to read at "medium" range which leads me to wonder how many maps he gets to read and how long he thinks my arms are.  However they do correct astigmatism and so that's a definite plus.

Found on a friend's facebook ...what`skill..I wonder how it ended!

Talking about highly skilled cyclists...Ben and his mate Rhino are over in Tasmania for "Wildside"..check out the website and his blog  and for those who don't know him, he's the one on the right.

Well that's coffee drunk and brekky eaten, so i'm ready for whatever the day's got in store for me.. better get out and do the 2.5 hours tempo while the weather is friendly.

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