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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Weekend's training

This weekend's training was accomplished at a time that allowed me to watch the full TV coverage of the final 2 days of the TDU....and it was good to see first Cadel Evans (Sat), then Trent Lowe (Sun) showing at the front of the race.

Saturday's was a 45 min  TT effort with 30 mins warm up /cool down book-ending the effort, Sunday's was a gentle tootle on the rollers in front of the TV with efforts during the ads. 

Tomorrow I plan going into DISC at sparrow fart to do timed laps since Tuesday (my usual DISC day) is Australia Day and a public holiday resulting in DISC being closed.

Saturday was also the first day I've had my new bars on the road bike..FSA K Force..compact (shallow drop short reach) and with  a smooth curve rather than the anatomic style which I have  found very uncomfortable when descending.  Actually I've suffered my previous bars for quite a few years, but since I'm going to be doing a fair amount of climbing and therefore descending in Italy, a change just had to happen.

Apart from sorting out final payments and hiring a car in Sicily for 4 days, all my holiday plans are complete, and tomorrow afternoon I'm off to the quack  to get a certificate of health to let the tour organisors know that, despite my advanced years, I am more than physically capable of riding a bike every day!!!!...grrrrh! the ignominy of it.....

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