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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Time limited track training's training was always going to be rushed affair. There was a hold on getting onto the track at all while the electrician did what sparkies normally do after which clocks and timers started to work again.

Then I had decided today was test the race gear day so that involved finding the wheels and pumping the tyres up to warp pressure and then ensuring I got them in dead straight as there ain't much wobble room in the baby Baum's back end.  Many stoppings occured as I checked out unusual noises and but eventually I was off.

And I was happy...until there was a loud  crack followed by a dopplering type noise...but no real drama,...I reconised the speed magnet had slipped of the valve hole cover and was rattling around inside the disc wheel.

Fixed that good and proper to overkill level actually and went again.  This time i set my watch timer to the number of seconds I wanted to do per lap and decided to go until I'd stolen 1/2 lap on that timing. In other words I was marginally faster than the set time (which was on the generous side anyway).

12 laps later and I was finished and dashing off to work.  Meeting, meeting, treat patients, where does the day go?

Sooooo I'm feeling good .......and hopefully on track to be good on the track.

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