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Monday, 7 December 2009

Sunday's training

For some reason, I could NOT get myself to go outside to ride today, even although the weather was really nice. However I did get a very good training session happening on the Tacx ergo with a Virtual who always has to be first across the many "FINISH" lines over the course I opted to ride and which took me 1 hr 43.33 minutes! Masochistic!

This was followed by a loooong drink, a shower and change of clothes and a sleep!

Before putting myself through this character building torture, I sorted out how to check my TT position on the bike...I'd seen some pix of me racing the omnium and noted how bad my position was while racing and decided I needed to train in a TT position a bit more. But how to make sure it was as good as it can be. I already have one webcam which I use on Skype when chatting with my coach and assorted family members in UK, but decided to buy another one for the computer in the "training room". I dragged my camera tripod into the room, placed the webcam somewhat precariously on top, positioned the bike and it and the computer so that I was able to ride in a good position while watching the monitor. After getting all the equipment positions right I then pedalled and pedalled and checked and altered things and pedalled some more, and wore my TT helmet and ......etc etc. Perfect practise makes perfect....

The bathroom renovations are almost complete, although we need a bit of painting done to finish the task totally. I've managed to ignore most of the dust around the place for quite a while now, but (dammit!) will soon lose the excuse of "what's the point there'll only be layers more tomorrow" and so have started flicking dusters around in a desultory manner.

I'm talking retirement plans openly now, with a view to sometime mid 2010...but now I'm thinking, talking,planning it, I really want it to happen NOW!

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