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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Beach Road Scene

Its a while since I've been to Beach Road and I'd not realised there'd been a bit of a change of scenery with John Kennedy's shop closing down...I think I must have been burying my head in the sand..I'm sure everyone else this side of the globe knew that bit of info.

I was planning to ride to Frankston and back, but my SRM decided to throw a nervy turn and I spent much of my time by the roadside, bike upside down trying to get the thing to work. First I had watts and cadence, then I had heart rate and speed then I had nothing and finally when I'd let the thing go to sleep totally I had everything again. What a drama queen it was being.

On the way out I decided to give the Anna Meares Challenge up Ricketts Point a bit of a try...she'd done 52.6s for the 700m and I reckoned that a WMAS8 enduro with zero fast twitch fibres should be happy with anything that was better than 100% slower. My first attempt was ~88 seconds...

I can improve on that..... and will.

I think I'll set a goal of high 70's...77 seconds maybe. I'll give it another try in a couple of weeks....anyone else?

For some of this challenge it seems I was under water!

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