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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Tuesday's track time

Up early as usual, I'd checked the emails/facebook/twitter, had breakfast and dragged the washing out of the machine before I bothered looking outside. I'd checked the forecast the day before and it was for "showers", so I wasn't surprised to have to hang the washing "in" rather than "out" but I WAS surprised on my journey into the velodrome to find that the "showers" in the inner suburbs were more like "rain" or "storms". Since we're just not used to driving in the rain and also 'cos commuting cyclists opted to drive, the traffic had slowed to a crawl and it took me an age to get there. Lucky to get there at all when a bus on my left went through a large puddle engulfing the car in a green wave causing me temporary blindness.

In any other velodrome but DISC, rain is not a problem, but my home velodrome has a couple of characteristics that make it unique, one of which is a leaking also used to shower the track with metal shards every time the wind blew causing many many punctures, but that seems to have stopped.

However when I finally got there I found that the previous day there'd been some work on the roof and the leaks, so plentiful during the Omnium had been reduced to just a couple over the track itself and a few more on the infield. The tradies who'd done the job were pacing around inspecting their handiwork checking where more work needed to be this the end of having to cancel indoor racing 'cos of rain??!!

So the task for the session was to replicate the previous week's session using 49/14(94.5 gear inch) rather than 52/15(93.6), see how it felt and how my cadence matched point in going higher if cadence drops and the end result is not an improvement.It felt I just have to look at the two sets of numbers..see if they tell me anything.

Memo to self: remember to drink more...the numbers as indicated by my heart rate are indicating (so my coach says) that I'm getting too dehydrated on long rides.....drink more! drink more!...water that is ;-)

Maintaining genuine part time hours is quite difficult and retirement or moving off permanent part time onto the casual list is looking more and more attractive but sadly the job I vacated still has not been filled. We had high hopes last week but we're still waiting and hoping.

I really can't leave them in the lurch...not after working there since 1985..
Sometimes loyalty is a curse!

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