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Monday, 21 December 2009

Renovations and clearing out gear

Over the past few months our house has gone through a major renovation or three.  As a result we've realised just how much "excess to requirements" cycling gear we have.

So we're about to have a big garage sale..firstly via this blog  for friends and blog readers (tnx Bellie for the idea) then whatever doesn't go via ebay .

MTB, road and track stuff....wheels, bike boxes, trainers, rollers, TT bars (non UCI ok for Triathletes), chain rings, cogs and clusters you name it, we're getting rid of it.

Be patient though....the Xmas break will give us time to  get it all together and photographed and then we're off and running.  Price will be a mutually agreed figure...not giving the stuff away, but also not wanting to fleece you.

Melbourne peeps..happy to deliver to any of my usual haunts..Eastern suburbs/Beach Road/DISC..otherwise transport cost will have to be added to the price .

1 comment:

Buttsy said...

I am waiting to read about your excess stock!..........hopefully includes all the things we want here.