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Saturday, 19 December 2009

3 days of cycling work rather than play

First there was volunteering at Hisense on Wednesday for the Revolution5+Austral..bit disappointing both racing and spectator- wise, I thought and actually I nicked off early.....

My second volunteering moment came at the Aus Madison champs at DISC on Friday night. MUCH better..full house, exciting racing, better atmosphere, although I drowned in the free large size shirt ..too big for anyone in my family...could fit 3 of us in it and there's still be room for another!

My job was to keep the hoi polloi in the back straight in order(!!!) prob actually although 1 very, VERY grouchy man refused to show me his ticket "how do you think I got in" he snarled...I didn't bother to point out he could have a standing only ticket at 1/4 the price...what did I care.

Third came my club duty METEC doing the start/ finish for the Eastern Vets crit event.

Enough already!

Phil's in Sydney with family, Alex going away for a coupla days to Bright (gateway to the Aus alps) with friends......."Peace Perfect peace with loved ones far away" is what the hymn says!

A dopo

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