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Sunday, 27 December 2009

The first clear out

Well, Christmas is over and once again its taken its usual course..too much rush followed by too much food and drink followed by too much stupor!

I've managed to get out on the bike each day but the efforts have been more of a holding pattern than an advancement into greater heights of fitness, although today I went out on an epic drive to get to an area without any traffic lights where I could do a 30 min big chain ring TT effort...there really must be something closer than near Hanging Rock (100km from home).

After a wild scrabble searching for my camera..many things are still "lost" after our renovations, I've managed to take a few pix of things we'll be putting on eBay soon.  You get a preview and a chance to buy  direct if you want.

Once back at work I'll have to start organising a team for the Murray to Moyne 24hr bike relay, I've got 3 definites already with 2 possibles..but its not the riders so much that will stretch my ingenuity as finding a  back up crew and minibus.

Well that's it..gotta get horizontal again..don't want to miss my afternoon nap!

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