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Saturday, 14 November 2009

A great ride during which I solved one of life's great mysteries

Today's ride in the sun was early -ish and solo, giving me heaps of time to think. No dramas about not finding the sunscreen today...when I finally hunted it down last weekend I put it in a very unsafe place in plain view and true to type, there it stayed .

What I did was a 2 hours+ out into rural industry territory. A truly lumpy area; if not going up, then going down. I only saw one other cyclist and since he was the variety with the anti Magpie zip ties sticking out of his helmet I kept well clear(!)..truly its NOT a good look and is a lot worse, I think, than being buzzed by the maggies.

Later on, as I replaced the left ear bud of my iPod for the umpeenth time, I suddenly hit on the reason for this problem (see previous post about my asymmetrical ear holes) and realised its not my earholes that are the problem ...its my brain.

You see I'm a logical person and around me is an arid zone when its comes to arty farty-ness.. Left brain logic/ right brain arty know...differently abled -can draw/paint/dance fantastically but struggles with life's neccessities.

Soooooo......since my right brain is well and truly under developed, there's obviously going to be a bit of a vacuum there..vacuum/empty space =sort of suction? right?? hence the right ear bud gets sort of sucked into my ear hole and stays it?

Then my left brain is well and truly OVER all the time lots of action there thoughts and ideas rushing past..creating a sort of centrifugal force which naturally impacts on my earhole causing my left ear bud to fall out ....... ......yes?

Ok, ok...well I was struggling up a rather long hill when i thought of this, so maybe this time the left brain wasn't actually working at all!

and tomorrow? well Ben has told me where I'm going (weather permitting) so I may not be able to post for a while and I certainly wont be able to think thoughts, crazy or otherwise , going up the hills he's told me about.....!


Buttsy said...

I was sooooo excited when I read that you had solved one of life great mysteries, and I thought FINALLY I am going to find all of those socks that go missing in the washing machine.................I am now about as disappointed as you are when replacing ipod ear buds....

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

I laughed out loud although it was a very feeble laugh as I've just got back from a mega 4+ hours ride (during which I solved nothing at all).

We'll both have to work on the sock/arm warmer/leg warmer mystery...

Lawrence said...

Did you figure this out BEFORE or AFTER the hills Liz ;-P :-D.

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

During actually and to pinpoint which hill...the nasty pinch on the Warburton Highway going from m Wandin ??North?? (i think) towards Lilydale.

Multi-tasking is my middle name!