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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Today's ride..what a peach!

Now this was a truly great ride and is one that I'll be doing again..more than once. Part of this ride is a section of Ben's daily commute...and with a twice daily hilly ride like that who needs a more structured training regime.

The aim was to do the whole loop ie all the way home but I was getting rather sunburnt on the back of my neck and so bailed at Lilydale and took the train. I am very smug that I'd used none of the escape routes that were available should I need them and I was in no difficulty physically and could have continued..... but sun burn aint much fun.

So what did I see on my 4 hour ride......
  • lots and lots of boys and their toys...motorbikes +++++++++ and vintage sports cars driven by menopausal males. Plus many many cyclists...but all going the other way to me except for 2. I'm pretty certain I saw a group from one of my cycling clubs...Eastern Vets.
  • heaps of road kill one of which was particularly smelly
  • 2 little rabbits, nose to nose talking to each other in the middle of the road...what's up Doc!
  • great views then sad burnt views
I suspect from a comment my coach made, that this may well be the last of the unstructured training rides for a while, but I think I might sneak it in again sometime soon.....

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