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Friday, 2 October 2009

Wind tunnel session

Yesterday evening I had a session in the Monash Uni Wind Tunnel to see if my position on the TT bike could be improved aerodynamically, bearing in mind that it also had to be comfortable and as I stiffen up with age, that is rather a large factor.

One memory will last for a long time and one I wasn't aware of...its very very cold! Actually the person before me, with less fat to keep him warm, had to get a coat on after each test whereas I didn't but maybe I should have as 3 hours later I was still feeling hypothermic. A long shower and a session of hugging a hot water bottle dealt with the problem.

The result of the session was that my position was already good and so although there will be no magical improvement to be able to pin to the experience, at least I can be confident that it's well and truly dialled in correctly.

Today is my last official day of full time employment...yay! I'll continue working a 4hr/5 day week(=20hrs/week), but what my hours are will depend on me and also I have to factor in 8hrs/week Workplace Wellness hours. The first week's hours are a total dog's breakfast of a mess and I'm going to have to brief all my patients about the variety of times they will get to attend the gym for a Physio session. Hmmm! so much for "patient centred care"!

Today is Walk to Work I'm off for a walk!

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