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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Part time here I come!

This week is my last official week of full time employment...yay! Since I have to either use up or get paid out my excess ADO hours, I'm really part time this week too as I arrive late and leave early. I have 15 hours and 23(!) minutes to get rif of. How on earth I clocked up 23 minutes is beyond me and I'm not bothering to find out as the explanation will be waaaaaay beyond me.

This week my training is gradually increasing in intensity, so as I write this I'm sitting in full cycling gear waiting to go to the track for a motorpacing session and tomorrow I'm off to the uni wind tunnel to fine tune my TT position. No more cruisy rides until after the Worlds. its .all mega effort and recovery now. Not sure I'm up for this.

Cadel's win the other day was an inspiration for keeping on and on trying though. Proud to be an Aussie. What a great effort by the team. Doesn't it make you wonder what Cadel do with a really great team behind him and doesn't it make you wish we could have an Aussie sponsored pro team..we've got the talent, but I guess there aren't many Aussie enterprises global enough to benefit from advertising in Europe.

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