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Saturday, 3 October 2009

So sad when icons disappear - nostalgia post

Future generations of Aussies watching the film "The Castle",which like parts of the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics leaves non Aussies totally bewildered, will no longer fully understand the "Jousting Sticks? Couldn't be worth more than $250/tell him he's dreaming" series of comments.

ebay and clones have clearly got rid of print ads, but somehow its not quite the same..even The Trading Post on line didn't match up to dashing out to the milk bar on a Thursday morning to be the early bird for the bargains and how irritating it was when your milk bar never seemed to get the "Post" early enough. Actually even "the milk bar" is a dying aspect of Melbourne suburban life too, my local one is still there but I will mourn its closing when it eventually does...where else can I buy 1 Python and a $1 or $2 bag of jellied lollies? not the supermarkets that for sure.

Same deal will eventually happen for job and car ads I guess..but I can't say I'll be sad to stop getting the forest load of paper "The Age" feels compelled to sell me each Saturday.

All this from a no longer fully employed geriatric looking back fondly on life as led during the 80's, 90's! Memo to self- must get that Senior's Card.

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