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Friday, 9 October 2009

The weird way my brain works or my optician is an alien

Getting up close and personal to the mirror the other day while putting in my contacts, I worked out a way to tell if they were actually "in". If I have fair hair and smooth skin then they're not in whereas if I have greying hair and wrinkles, then they are correctly sited!

That little moment led me to thinking more deeply about my glasses and contacts. And worked out that quite obviously my optician is a man on a mission...the bastard ...'cos evidently he is selling me products covered with a grey haze and with wrinkles painted on them.

On the other hand, maybe he's an glasses do keep disappearing (and its sooo hard to find them when you can't see very well(!) ) but would he be the same alien that causes my phone to send messages from my pocket or my car to speed over the limit, or cause me to forget to add interest earned from a bank account 3 years in a row resulting in a letter from the tax man???

Life's full of interesting things to think about once you become part time and have a spare moment.

Part time/spare moment/time to think? yeah, right!

1 comment:

Buttsy said...

You need to see my optician, no grey hair on my contacts......but the wrinkles are starting to get bigger.......