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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Lead up to the masters track worlds

Am I tired or am I tired?

Everyone knows there are difference types of tiredness, I mean for the last say 18 months
I 've been experiencing a BAD sort of tiredness..the sort that comes from stress at work. So, when the opportunity arises I decide to go part time as a retirement plan..move to .5 EFT +.2 of Workplace Wellness and look to retiring after a year or maybe a bit longer.

And how do I feel after 1 week of this change?

Shattered. I mean really exhausted, right down on the base line or perhaps below.

So what's gone wrong? Have I made a really bad mistake?

Hell no!

This is a goood sort of tiredness, this is the sort of fatigue you get when you're training hard and has NOTHING to do with the sort of tiredness you get from work and its stresses.

Training this week has been at the track x 3 or was it 4?and next week it'll be x2 on Tues and Thurs then I'm planning to leave work early on Friday in order to get further than the usual Albury stop...Goulburn perhaps? which will then get me to
Sydney in time to do some Dunc Grey Velodrome training on Saturday.
So its a joke at work...Liz has gone part time and she's still exhausted...and she's going to work for a rest!

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