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Monday, 5 October 2009

The weekend's training

The aftermath of having your house painted is total dusty chaos resulting in what can only be described as a massive spring clean. Our painter was extremely badly organised in that we were left with ALL our rooms in chaos ALL the time, rather than just a couple at a time. I dunno, we've had the painters in twice and both times have been less than impressed.

I have never claimed to be "house proud"...far from it and so the clean up has been huge, not only dust from the painting but dust that has been in residence for an embarrassingly long time plus a general getting rid of stuff that has sat unused and unnoticed for a looooong time. Last weekend we took a trailer and van load to the tip and this weekend another load emerged from the depths so that what with the stuff Ben took home with him, the house looks alot less cluttered. Once Alex returns from Sydney, we'll get him to attack his stuff too and the end result will be a whole load of bike things on ebay.

So both days of my weekend were cleaning, training, cleaning, dusting, vaccuuming, cleaning, dusting, get the idea! I'm not sure why I'm bothering either 'cos in 4 weeks time we're gutting 2 bathrooms which will cause even MORE dust!

My training program this weekend was to have motorpacing on Saturday and a 2 hour cruise on Sunday. What actually occurred was 2 sessions on the TACX trainer, both alot harder than anticipated because the damn thing froze resulting in the brake remaining on even when going downhill. I've worked it out that it freezes if I stand up on on the pedals in a butt relieving manoeuvre which must cause more side to side rocking than it likes. Anyway on Saturday I was planning on a long session - warming up on a flat stretch then climbing alpe d'huez but aborted after an hour of laboured uphill grovelling and eerily the same thing happened on Sunday when I was "cycling" the Tour of Lombardy. So mega wattage was outputted which wasn't the idea at all. Memo to NOT stand up in future.

My desktop count down gizmo tells me its just 14 days until the Worlds...guess I'd better do some specific training.

Part time starts today and I've filled in the form for my Senior's card!

I'm in the throes of organising next year's hols in Italy so if anyone knows of a good place to stay in Tuscany, not too far from civilisation, central for touristy things but also good for cruisy cycling, I'd love to hear of it.

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