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Friday, 23 October 2009

The morning after

Yesterday, celebrations were really not on the cards. I was wasted. I didn't feel too bad in the early am but as the day wore on the effects of 3 days racing on a relatively poor build up took its toll.

I wandered into Parramatta at about 0930 to search for books, audio books for the journey home and a pair of shorts but faded fast and despite a shot of caffeine to help, struggled mightily over the last 500m home. Having arrived I stayed put until mid afternoon...comatose. And although I had said I'd be there, I'm afraid there was no chance I was going to the velodrome to spectate as I needed "me time". Which I got staring glassily at the TV and -what a great service the website is, although yet again they don't seem to have shot my Scratch race. OK, I know it's not action packed..oh, orlrite..downright boring, but I'm offended by its omission.

The original script called for me have a tootle on the road bike today......however I managed to scotch that idea by packing it up deeeeep in the car later yesterday. Sorta saving me from myself. Instead a day of packing up, moving out,spectating and moving into a motel in Bankstown is on the cards. Tomorrow I'm at an Aus Masters Commission meeting and after that start the long haul down the Hume. Groooaannnn!

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