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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Asymmetry ..a hardly worth reading post

A while ago I was told that I was sitting diagonally across my track bike and somewhat later I hauled myself off to Steve Hogg of Pedal Pushers fame and got myself straightened out via a coupla wedges between cleat and shoe. Actually I'd seen someone else regarding it a bit earlier but an altered shoe insert had only resulted in permanently flattened toe nails as the alteration needed to take place on my bigger foot.

Bigger foot? yup..none of us have perfect mirroring of size left vv right..some of it is boney, some muscular. Personally my right foot is bigger, my right leg shorter, I am also left eared, left eyed and a natural left hander - made to be right handed. The latter being excuse for all my personality disorders!

How do I know I'm left eared? watch me on the others who are right eared and right handed when listening and writing. Left eared and right handed is so much more...comfortable loooking.

But recently I've realised something asymmetry goes beyond feet and's also got into my earholes.

And just how did you work that one out Liz?

Simple really...and not only are my earholes different from each other shape wise they are clearly also not Apple earholes! The earpieces that come with iPods just don't fit me - they fall out even when I put those little sponge covers on them. So I have had to buy sets of those teeny tiny ear bud ear know them they're so small you stress they might disappear into your brain. Lucky they've got strings attached.

Well anyhow, the nominated R ear buds fit my right ear hole perfectly but the nominated L one falls out of my left ear hole and swapping them around doesn't work. I tried using the ear buds with the wrap around ear things like those old fashioned hearing aids, but they were just plain uncomfortable and I couldn't flick them out when I wanted to ie when I was working REALLY hard and sound of my heart beat was competing with the music.

So what's your beef? what's the point of this waffle?

The problem is I'm left eared and that's the ear bud that wont stay in....

and what I'd like to know I alone in this crippling defect?!

and finally..yes I am bored..I'm waiting for brekky at the motel. Motels...pffft!..the only good thing is more complimentary soap and shampoo to add to my collection.


Buttsy said...

Left ear sounds perfectly normal but the motel soap collection?????now that is WEIRD!

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

yup..ur are right, but lets be accurate it's a soap ,shampoo and conditioner collection!..I don't take/use the shower cap ...