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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Burfday girl

Today is the day that I move into the twilight zone, cos today I've hit the big 65..the watershed.

Farewell adulthood hello senility, increasing frailty and apparently almost if not total invisibilty to anyone belonging to the y and z gen.

Might delay the frailty bit.

A couple of us celebrated our advance into that zone with a lunch yesterday at the Handlebar tavern which was very nice..thanks to those who joined us and to Fran for the dips and table decorations and Dennis for the flowers.

Alex joined me at the velodrome yesterday when I raced the last of my 3 races and watched me scoring a silver in the scratch. We did a swap of gear..guitar, bars and seat to him, wheels for me to take back.

This time every year, after the Scratch race I promise myself I really have to race more of them as I have yet to work out what I'm s'posed to do in them...never get round to it though. There's a possibilty that I positioned myself better this time round but what would I know!

The race after ours was somewhat dramatic with a couple of big crashes resulting in broken ribs and a leg injury. Crashes are the downside of bunch races on the track just as they are on the road and become inevitable if someone in the bunch struggles to hold their line and there are quite a few racers who fall into that category. My age races tend to be somewhat polite..all too leary of falling I guess.

Anyhow, that's the worlds over for me this year and since its moving over to Portugal next year for quite a while, maybe forever. We're thinking we should try to establish an Oceania or Pan Pac Masters Champs now, just like they created the European's after the worlds moved from Manchester.

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