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Monday, 2 November 2009

Ever so reluctantly back at work

First day back today after a 2 week break from the salt mine.

For the past 3 days I've been on a 2hr ride up the 1 in 20, a 3hr rde into and out of town in stinking hot weather and finally a 2 hr Beach Road ride..but nothing, repeat NOTHING saps the energy quite so much as walking on the " industrial thickness" (ie not thick at all) carpet in a cement floored work place. Bummer!..thinks ...retirement plan in place..but pretty please can we speed this up? A major fly in the ointment though is that I gotta stay til at least this time next year, if only to tap into the sweet tax deal we hospital workers have for salary packaging /tax exempt holiday accommodation costs (6 weeks in Europe happening next July/August).

Grits teeth. Can I hang on. am I burnt out yet or just singed at the edges??!!

So today I went back to work and tomorrow's a public holiday (how's that for planning!) 'cos tomorrow is Melbourne Cup Day. Those of us living in metro Melbourne are truly blessed for we get a extra day off work order to worship the mighty horse and its race. Actually since I don't want to either wear a hat or get drunk in the car park I'll not be a Flemington, I'll be on a 3 hr bike ride. If I win anything in the sweepstake, it'll be a first after 37 years of trying! my horse is called Allez something or other, which by mere fact that I have it in the sweep has doomed it to failure.

My current training is "base" so tomorrow's ride will be 3 hours and will take in the hilly northern suburbs..I fancy a bit of masochism. I think I will try the grovel up from the Yarra river at Warrandyte and see how far I get before I wimp.

No matter what, I will NOT be "going for a ride".......tomorrow I will be TRAINING. For I have work to do; a goal has been set and I am focussed.

And finally: On how too much time using a lap top can give you a pain in the arse

After my races in Sydney I developed a mega upper back/neck pain caused, I suspect, by poor posture during mega lap top usage. I couldn't lift my head off the pillow nor turn my head to safely back the car without huge pain. Desperate for something..anything, I suffered a massage at the track..which was good but very painful. This was followed by two days of post treatment soreness but didn't get rid of the discomfort completely. Finally I managed to get an appointment with my regular masseur and now finally I can sleep .

In the time in between arriving home and having my regular masseur fix me, I was extremely uncomfortable on the bike. I seemed to be sitting twisted, putting pressure on a boney part of my pelvis that didn't like it. I checked the saddle and its alignment but all was as usual. The discomfort disappeared completely after the final massage which only goes to prove my contention that lap tops are indeed a pain in the butt.

Memo to self: lap tops need to be placed in a better position..not too low and not too high.....

If there is anyone reading this blog who knows which integrated TT bars are UCI legal, I'd love to have details.....

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