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Friday, 18 September 2009

A week's holiday is far too short!

So its Friday already, dammit! my holiday is all but over but I've had a ball and have re-ignited my cycling persona, which was getting battered into nothingness by work related fatigue and stress.

On Wednesday I did an hour's personal training at Westerfolds park the sunshine, working not only on fitness but also my tan lines. The session was good, but the extra running made my legs rather stiff, especially my calves.

Thursday I did the work spin class at 0630 followed by a rush into the CBD to get to Ben's bike shop before the traffic go too feral, followed by an hour at DISC doing laps after which I struggled to walk at all. Today I'm at DISC again doing an hour's motorpacing. Hmmm...guess I might have to go back to work to rest the body! Each day I've been retiring to my bed for an hour's nap sometime during the arvo which has not only been pure bliss but has also allowed me to recover in time for the next session.

The only downside of being off this particular week has been that the house is being painted which has necessitated mega furniture moving each day. I *know* I don't have a house proud bone in my body, but the amount of dust and cobwebs is just a little embarrassing! Hey! working full time plus training leaves me with little time and zero desire to do housework......actually the cats and the ducted heating are in the cross hairs as the culprits for so much dust(!).

Soooo...31 days to go. I've been tossing up whether to compete in the road nats, but have cast that aside...and now I'm thinking, should I enter ALL the track events..just for fun? Actually prob not, I'd never hold up for the entire week, but I'm seriously thinking of staying on til Sat and doing the points race...I wonder how many other 50+'s have entered.....

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