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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Dare to dream again

A weekend plus the first 2 days of my holidays are over and I'm feeling that perhaps I can dare to dream again.

On Saturday I rode the 1 in 20 loop, Sunday was a one hour spin in front of the TV, Monday was 1 hr on the track doing laps followed by 1 hour on the Boulie and today all of a sudden my legs are unblocked and for most of my 4 hour ride I felt really good. Tired but good.

I'm not expecting to suddenly become a winner, but a least I now don't feel so full of unwarranted fatigue.

There's also a possibility that the service Ben did on my rear wheel, plus changing the jockey wheels around to where they were REALLY s'posed to be, made a bit of a difference! The jockey wheel thingo was the reason why I had a mechanical on each hill during the state road race..every time I changed from big to small chain ring while going uphill the chain wouldn't engage on the rear cogs straight away and I lost touch with the group. Actually I wasn't gunna be up there anyway, but as it was I lost touch going up and then had to TT back to the group on the descent and flat..until my legs totally gave up the ghost on the last ascent.

So for the rest of the hols, I have an exercise session tomorrow, a spin class on Thursday, motorpacing on Friday then long rides on Saturday and Sunday before going back to the salt mine on Monday.

33 days to go..will that be enough time?

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