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Friday, 18 September 2009

Road runner legs

Motorpacing always leaves me feeling like the cartoon road runner, with legs going round in circles.

As a grinder rather than a spinner, anything > 90rpm is a mega achievement for me, so while today's top of 120rpm may sound pathetic to some(maybe most) for me it was a world record. When I peeled off the effort, it wasn't for cardiovascular or muscular reasons, it was 'cos the cadence was waaaaay over my comfort zone and holding it for as long as I did was a real struggle
. And I'm walking real funny now too ;-)...stiff in the hip muscles....

So today is the last day of my holiday (not counting the w/e as holiday days) and unless my coach tells me differently, the next two day's rides are going to be long and moderately paced. Guess I'm gunna hafta start the spew-worthy sessions soon, dammit.

What the last week has told me is that working part time is a really wise move if I want to stay competitive and considering I am defined by my sport and not my work.........

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