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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Cold hens

Actually its cold hands...but I'm an Aussie now so I'm obliged to pronounce it hens ;-) and I now I remember why I never really took to skiing or other snow sports. With single digit temperatures both today and yesterday my weekend's program of motorpacing and a long road ride has gone down the tubes. So instead, yesterday I spent a boringly mind rotting 20 mins on an ergo program followed by 45 minutes chasing a virtual reality cyclist on my TACX Fortius followed by another 45 mins spinning on the rollers while watching the AFL grand final. Well actually I only managed to really WATCH a few minutes of it, the rest was just a noise in the background.....Aussie rules....pffft the round ball game is so much better....more skill less brute force required.....

So when not cycling I started on the clean up the house which has been in a mess after the painting. We're taking the opportunity to chuck out a heap of rubbish..camping gear from 30 years ago and a whole heap of other no longer used stuff, so today will be cycling plus multiple trips to the tip.

The aliens have not only been here in malevolent mode..see many previous posts(!) but also in generous mode as today they found my long lost arm warmer which disappeared after one wear. I discovered it in the dryer snuggled up against a giant zip tie...can't imagine why either of them decided to hide there!!!! Actually the dryer had been put outside while the laundry was being painted and left there, forgotten, while it rained and rained. Finally realisation struck this morning and after having to tip out rather alot of water the 2 runaways were discovered...not sure if the dryer will ever function again though!


Lawrence said...

You must be hanging out with those NZ Aussies, Liz, cos where I'm from its hairns ;-)

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

I arrived late at an in-service last week and discovered the presenter was a Kiwi. It took me ages to work out that Iffyess was actually F.E.S..and once realised what she was saying I then had to work *really* hard to stifle one of those almost uncontrollable giggles.