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Saturday, 12 September 2009

I'm off work for a week

I've managed to find someone to do my patient load for a week and so I'm away from the salt mine until 21/9. Luckily for me the weather looks to be favourable, so not only will I be less tired but the opportunities to ride in the dry are also present...yay! up to 26 degrees today which is whole heap better than around 13. So today I'm off up the 1 in 20 and around the Mt Dandenong loop...not a long ride, but a whole longer than I've been doing recently. If there are any wet days I'll do laps at DISC..the track is free most mornings.

I hope to get some semblance of fitness happening before the World track champs, but will definitely not be "on song" and WRT any other competitive plans..seems to me that I'll have to wait and see how working .7 ie 3.5 days a week helps my fatigue/stress level. I've certainly lost my way this year. I was warned there would be a period when progress halted and I would take a dive, so maybe this has been it....

I'm booked in for the next years road worlds already and am happily planning for a 6 week hol in Europe around that , so maybe THAT will be my new major focus......guess I'll find out this next month as it all depends on energy levels.

Alex is back from Queensland after cleaning up with wins on both days of their State MTBO champs and is busily earning money before he shoots off to Sydney where he has about a month's work of labour, training and fun. Phil's thumb is now enclosed in a little thermo-plastic splint so he's able to help with the housework including doing the washing up! ;-)! The drama part of his recuperation is now hopefully complete.

Mind you the place is in an uproar as we are redecorating the whole house and plan on gutting the main bathroom completely ...well Alex and I plan to, Phil's not so keen, but it IS 30 years since it was last done. Currently we've got 3 downstairs rooms almost finished and the smell of paint is strong. The painter wants to move into the main lounge room next..but he can forget that until he's completed the 3 nowhere to put all the gear if he insists on that plan!

Regarding the recent uproar in Athletics about the South African runner whose gender is in doubt, check out the blog Science in Sport (link on the right) for a sensible, science based, non inflammatory series of posts. This blog is well worth following; check out the archives for great posts on hydration, cramps, fatigue to mention a few.

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