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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Liz's marvellous adventures in Wangaratta..TT and the disappearing bed.

Got to Wang at about 2pm and promptly struggled to find the Wang Motor Inn, so I went to the visitor's centre to get a map. Found the motel but despite the fact that I'd rung and booked not only that night but 2 others for the other races, they appeared not to have heard of me.

This left me wondering if perhaps I'd got the wrong name, so back to the visitors' centre to see what other motels there were..just to see if there was one with a similar name. The lady behind the counter was extremely helpful and after a fruitless search to see if I was booked into any motel anywhere in town, booked me into the Ryley motel. (When I got back home I checked and yes I had been right.. their loss. But I was lucky it was a quiet weekend there, so no difficulty finding a bed).

I settled in quickly and was very happy with my choice until at about 2345 when some idiot dived into the pool outside my door, waking me up. I mean was FREEZING cold. Once awake I decided to get my own back and put on the TV to watch the tour TT...saw most of it and then slept in, leaving at 1000 for the race.

It was cold, it was windy and after my trial ride of the course I couldn't feel my toes at all. The course was slightly different from race no. 1 and the finish was in a totally different place which caught out 1 very competitive rider completely. He was devastated.

I felt my time of 35 mins was ok..the length of the course was ~20.8km and it was mega windy going out (suffer/grovel fest) and so was a speed/hoon fest coming back. My focus for the race was to keep RPM high (for me) and watts at about 200. No speed on my computer so I've no idea how fast or slow I was going. I felt my recent cleat alterations was making me pedal better..smoother.

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