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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

SRM panic session

Last night was to be a 2 min on 2 off session at the same cadence  but different power levels. 

Since I only have one SRM and for the TT last weekend and again next weekend it's on my TT bike, it was going to be a session on that bike in front of the TV while watching last night's TdF.

However the best laid plans get wrecked when instead of a power, cadence and stopwatch reading on the powercontrol I'm getting -- dashes. 

Much panic ensued with Skyping to UK and phone calls to others.   Well time that happens, I'll know what to do, but the downloaded SRM manual was exceptionally useless and didn't even have proper instructions on "pairing" the various elements.

Given the cost of the beast, this user UNfriendly manual is indicative of arrogance from a company which knows they have the best power meter on the market.  They will need to pull their socks up a bit once other  power meters challenge their superiority.

So by the time I'd got that all sorted, I was well and truly "over" it and so will have to do that session tonight and  since my least favourite team won the TTT I don't plan any DVD watching while training.

Poor Cadel and Carlos.  To my mind a TTT is grossly unfair in a tour but was happy when there was a limit to the time loss.  This year it's played into the hands of just a select few teams and to have it so early......  bad, bad, bad. 

Hey, I've lost interest after just 4 days. 

Never mind, there's still Master Chef Australia. Go Julie and Justine!

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Lawrence said...

I normally don't start paying real attention (and the watching of the tv!!) until week 2 or the mountains start. Anything that precedes is just the usual chaff sorting.

Getting more interesting reports/update via twitter than anywhere else.