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Sunday, 26 July 2009

It's that dementia time again..or are the aliens just having fun

Yesterday while having a shower I noticed a humungous bruise on the inside of my left ankle. I stared at it in a dumbfounded manner for quite some time as I couldn't recall any action that would have resulted in such a large wound.

After musing over the problem for a while I came up with the following:

  • Bruise..what bruise...I am an amazon. I feel no pain. On the other hand...maybe I've got spinal canal problems and have lost sensation..or a neuropathy from some disease I've suddenly developed.
  • I've not done anything to remotely cause a bruise. On the other hand maybe I DID get a knock but my dementia/short term memory problems are arcing up again or perhaps I've suddenly developed a life threatening disease which causes hideous bruising from minimum cause.
  • OR finally something I always have ready when "things" happen.....maybe I've been taken over by aliens again. After all they've had fun with me when I lost my glasses for 3 or 4 days and they turned up in the garden...or more recently when they stole 1 of my new "only worn once" arm warmers......
Well what ever the reason.its winter and being well rugged up no-one is gunna see it..but I have a really story ready just in case. With my work's important to have a good story ready....!

1 comment:

Buttsy said...

I thought there were "sock aliens" that kept moving my socks around the house..........and my theory was exposed when I saw a fat golden retriever happily walking around with one of my socks in his mouth......he has never casued bruises cant help you there!