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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Mistakes..I've made a few

..and some of them I keep making..but not this one.

Warming up pre TT I did as I regularly do on my track bike,,,I held my hand over the front tyre to brush off the gravel I'd just ridden over. Then I reached down and did the same with the back wheel.

UN-fortunately on this particular bike that is a no-can-do since there is virtually NO gap between frame and tyre.

What happened was that my fingers immediately became a very effective brake, the back wheel locked up, and skidded and for one moment I thought falling off was next on the menu. However I managed to stay upright and extract my fingers.

So what to do? the race was 10 minutes away..should I take my gloves off(TG I was wearing gloves!) and expose them to the cold or leave the gloves on to contain the swelling.

I kept them on. Raced and then made a dive for some ice. I now have 1 very bruised and blackened middle finger. I wont be testing anyone's grip for a while and shaking hands is just not an option!

This is one of those mistakes I will NOT be repeating!

Raced well despite having a bit of difficulty with brake and gear changing. Tail wind going out..since I'm also racing a TT tomorrow, I didn't quite go full gas.


Colin Griffiths said...

Ouch, that made we wince, I can almost feel the pain!

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Since posting that blog entry I've been told of 3 other people who've done the same thing...3 Aussies and 1 American. I'm emphasising the nationality bit so as not to give the impression that only Aussies are THAT stupid!

Anyhow there goes my hand modelling contract!!..not!