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Sunday, 26 July 2009

A busy weekend and my track SRM

Last weekend I stayed up to watch the TdF live. This weekend I'm too busy racing and motorpacing to be able to "enjoy the moment", watching instead a recording of the stage. Actually the lights went out on Le Tour for me a bit when Cadel cracked. Actually they went out a long way the day of the TTT. Such an unfair concept in a tour IMHO.

My Saturday motorpacing date was shifted from 1200 back to 0830 which suited me fine...getting up early is no hardship to me. I lost the ability to sleep when Alex was born and haven't managed to re-discover it.

Coburg track is nice to ride when its not windy. It was windy. I struggled behind the bike as riding into the wind the motorbike lost up to 2kph when I suddenly was up his backside and then on the opposite side had to spin like mad to catch up as he roared off into the sunset.

One things for startle reflex is gold standard:
most laps as we turned into the head wind I'd find myself almost riding into the exhaust pipe
whereupon the reflex kicked in and I shot out to the side, into the wind, losing far too much speed
whereupon I had to accelerate to catch up
which I managed to achieve by the top turn
whereupon the tail wind kicked in and...........
so on and so forth.
Character building!

Today was another road TT...this time at the Boulie. We were last there in May when I cranked out a REALLY slow time...almost 2 minutes slower than last year. I rationalized that last year I was in a different phase of my training, being on the verge of leaving for the World Masters Road champs and so was really well in tune with hills! However that was actually just me rationalising. I just rode really badly.

Today I did alot better..not as quite good as last year but alot better than in May. The temp was freezing and for the second TT EVER, I wore gloves, arm warmers and an well as the skinsuit (!!!). The post race shower at home was more to warm up than get clean.

My track SRM has bedded in nicely. I use the same powercontrol for all 3 bikes..version wireless. I have 2 durace power cranks and also magnets hanging off odd places on all 3 bikes. The road version is the usual durace one but the track one is a bit of an enigma since I can't find it on the web site and I'm not sure if its very old or very new. Logic would lend towards new since it is wireless... more detail next week.

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