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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Family injuries to date..wry smile !

Tongue in cheek post.....
I've got to the stage where I now don't wait with my boys (husband and son(s)) when they go to the local Accident and Emergency Department...I just dump them there and tell them to let me know when they're ready to be picked up. They also know that to gain the sympathy of a Physio (that's how I earn my crust), you have to pretty well be on your death bed and before you think that's really have to know that most medical people are the same. We see pain and suffering every working day and also understand the severity of injuries and if the injuries are not really major..well, deal with it and move on.

I have been guilty of mis-diagnosing of course...I can think of 2 injuries I scoffed at only to later find out they were fractures, but of all the injuries listed here..only Ben's pile driver head-on crash really worried me...he was lucky...the potential for a major, major injury was very,very real.

Soooo....after the last post I thought I'd creat an inventory of the family's most recent injuries as I can recall them(!)...
Family= husband Phil trail bike rider, Alex..MTB and road, Ben MTB and road, Liz track, road very occasional MTB

Phi...l took up trail bike riding about 5-7 years ago and almost immediately leap frogged all of us the injury list. At one stage every time he returned from hooning with his mates, I half expect him to have an injury. So far he's had a fractured sternum, ribs (x 2 or 3 times), scapula(while in Mongolia) and now thumb. He also suffers (or used to) incredible cramps in his hip adductors (gripping onto the bike I guess) during the evening after a ride, which if he hadn't been in so much discomfort would have been very funny to watch.

Alex...#ribs (many times and clinically point in getting an X ray), wrist, shoulder and back injuries many times (usually acquired on the road bike) requiring multiple visits to a masseur and/or Physio. Many skin tears and wounds resulting in interesting looking scars.

Ben...#scaphoid (long story on that one which ended up with having the bone fragment taken out), ribs more than once, concussion from a head on which resulted in much needed much work on his upper back by a Myotherapist, Physio, Masseur or similar. Many skin tears and wounds resulting in interesting looking scars. This list looks too short..must have forgotten some! broken bones, 2 falls of note on the road 1 of which has resulted in interesting burn scars on hip, elbow and shoulder and a left shoulder that doesn't work properly any more. The first major road fall is one I can't happened when sprinting to a road race finish....concussed I guess. My knees have a patchwork of scars all over them as I seemed to fall "knee first" off the MTB rather than putting a hand out...!

As you can see the Randall family are helping to keep the health industry afloat!...just another way to re-distribute wealth....dammit!

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