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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Don't know where I read this, but....

There's no doubt that anyone reading this cycling blog will be familiar with Bernard Hinault' s public persona..both as a racer and nowadays as the TdF podium MC.....his nickname being the Badger.

In the current litigious society you just have to admire his method of getting rid of anybody daring to crash the party........charge.......shove.......bugger off ........! (images copied from various public access websites, 2009 one Bettiniphotos)


2009 version

You may also know of the bracelet that some fervent Christians wear..with WWJD on it.."What would Jesus do".

This morning I read on Twitter (I think..but I also got diverted onto Joe Parkin's maybe it was from there)....

WWTBD "What would the Badger do".....I rather like that idea

Hey...might be worth a silicon bracelet...which I think would probably have to be black. Or maybe red.


Lawrence said...

WWJD actually means What Would Jens Do? ;-P

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

yeah,yeah...I've read the drool on your facebook!!

Lawrence said...

LOL hopefully it was entertaining. Kept us entertained for a bit ;-)