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Saturday, 11 July 2009

A positive and quite a few negatives and a family update

The positive... note singular! ...
My track SRM arrived yay! now to put it together. Or at least now to go bleating to Ben to ask him to put it together as the cranks are not the "easy even for me" Durace type.
No matter, once on they're not moving to any other bike in a hurry

Negatives...note plural

  • In an effort to do something, anything towards setting up my track bike with the SRM, I took the chain ring off my current set up and attempted to put onto the new when the inevitable happened...I couldn't get the bolts off the old spider. Makes you want to spit...EVERY time I change chain rings 2 or 3 of the backs fall out cos I've never got round to glueing them I want them out they're refusing to budge!
  • stressful,stressful weeks at work.. alot of change going on and currently it's quite a difficult time while we gradually work through some fairly major issues.
  • Flea, the ginger tabby cat is in my bad books again not only is he pawing at the monitor as I type(!) and wanting to sit in front of the monitor every time I'm at the computer but he also brought another rat into the house. This time it was during the evening while I was spinning away in front of a re-run of the previous TdF stage. He kindly left it in a different room so it was a while before I found it and then I wasn't sure it was dead....yeeetch!
  • the weather...I'm s'posed to be racing a 2 day 3 stage event this weekend...but I find the following a bit depressing, I suspect I'll be doing the first race...the TT and waving goodbye!:

Forecast for the rest of Saturday

Severe weather warning for damaging winds for the Central forecast district.

Gale warning for Port Phillip.

Strong wind warning for Western Port.

Cloudy. Patchy rain. Fresh to strong northerly winds, averaging up to 55 km/h, decreasing to 30 to 40 km/h later in the evening.

I do have another positive...I've managed to work out how to record the TdF when its on SBS2..haven't yet managed to figure out how to record via pre-set and have to sit up until it starts but at least I've got it happening. Once the cricket is over and it goes back to SBS1 I'll be able to get to bed earlier again!

Alex is still in Europe with just one more comp to go, the Lithuanian 3 day. He seems to be improving and managed to get 10th in a couple of his races in the Czech 5 day; the European Champs was a disappointment for him as he really benefits from lead up comp of the sort he can't get here ie multiday events with a good depth of quality riders.

Ben seems to be enjoying his new job as workshop manager at the BSC shop in Elizabeth Street and Phil is about to go OS again...USA and Alaska this time round.

Well off to battle the breeze!

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