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Sunday, 7 June 2009

QB3 Day 2. Morning race 21.6km TT

Last night it poured down..this morning it didn't, but it was a bit chilly so I wore the arm warmers but still no gloves. It was the right decision.

Today I opted to use the Xentis front wheel for the first time. Using it meant I was unable to get a speed reading as the Suunto skewer, which is my speed reader, sits a long way from the spokes and so even a rare earth magnet would fail to get a signal. So, instead of knowing how fast I was going, I kept an eye on my cadence, power and heart rate. I passed 3 people and had a minor lapse of concentration about 1/3 the way through.

I did a 40 second PB and came in second in the group and apparently beat heaps of guys. The race timing is 6 secs slow so they had me at 36.46 when actually I was 36.40..but it doesn't matter as it'd be the same for everyone.

I'm sitting in my room shivering and wondering whether or not I'll complete all 4 races. I'll definitely race this pm although the rain radar doesn't look too good, but will wait and see about tomorrow.

Well now it has JUST started chucking it down...maybe a change of mind is about to happen!

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