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Sunday, 7 June 2009

4 races 3 flats..WTF?

Up until the last week I could count the number of flat tyres I've had on one hand. In the last week I've virtually doubled the count.

Last week I discovered I'd raced 4-6km of a TT on a flat rear disc tyre. Yesterday I arrived back at my room to discover my front Kysrium was toast and today 2m...yes METRES into my race I flatted the rear Kysrium. Doh!

Local rules required that I make the obligatory effort to fix the flat and was given a 45 second penalty for the race after which I back to my room. The only problem now is that all my important gear is locked away in a fellow competitors car!! No keys no money. So I've begged a spare key to my room and am patiently waiting out the race time to retrieve all my worldly goods!

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