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Saturday, 6 June 2009

QB3 day

Queen's Birthday 3 day weekend.....1 good reason to stay linked to mother england!....!

All over Aus there are multi day events/tours. Alex is over in South Aus for a MTB orienteering 3 day and I'm up in country Victoria for a 3 day 4 race "The tour of Benalla"!. Phil was s'posed to go for a long weekend of trail bike riding, but clearly they are wimps as it was called off. Ben is resting after his 5 day tour up in Alice Springs.

Actually the forecast is diabolical, but I never believe what they say and even the radar was less than accurate. It showed a large area of rain approaching Benalla, where I am , but there really was hardly any at all. It was cold though. So cold that despite gloves, arm and leg warmers and a thermal undershirt I was freezing and my fastest sprint of the day was to get into a hot shower after we'd finished. Also half way round the course my fingers couldn't hold onto the bottle..which I droppped and left..they wouldn't wait and I'd have had to ride 30 km solo...not an option! I finished with the bunch.

Tomorrow we have the TT in the morning and another road race in the pm....once the TT is done I'll decide if I'm gunna continue. I'd like to but not if it means riding in a downpour..its just too dangerous.

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