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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

I know, I know..4 weeks and no blog

Time passes. Much has happened and no time to write.
Well that's not entirely true, plenty of time but no inclination.
So whassup?
  • Heaps of changes at work..refurbished gym/acting as onsite liaison for this
  • Physios displaced for a fortnight returning to a multi-disciplinary room with all the problems that holds.
  • Having my manager being off sick at a MOST inconvenient during that period
  • A wellness expo straight after a long weekend
  • A promise made in haste to run a 5km fun run..did 5 mins run 3 days prior as my training for it! Apparently was 3rd in my age group!
  • A day trip to Sydney for a rather special bike fit by Steve Hogg to try and sort out my left calf cramping problem (I'm the first person in 20years he's not had to change the basic position... just the chapeau to John Hine who did my bikefit last year)..more elaborating on this in a later post
  • Sending Alex off to Europe to compete in MTBO's there
  • Sending Phil off to Cape York and picking him up again 10 days later.
  • Having fun being motor paced.
  • Having 1.5 of my team of 3 Physios applying for ang getting other jobs within the hospital (promotions)
  • Working and training as per usual.
  • This weekend I'm off up to Wangaratta to race the second of the Masters TT series..slightly different course so no comparison for the 1st race. Hopefully my series of flats is over.
  • Ben starts a new job today. He's left Spoke(n) and is now working for BSC (Brunswick Street Cycles) in the Elizabeth Street(!) in the CBD. I suspect there's never a shortage of work for a good bike mech.
  • Phil flies out at 11.10 for US/Alaska and Alex returns from Europe at 11.20 on the same day.
Off to work ...more later


Colin Griffiths said...

Funny that, I thought about you tonight and that we hadn't heard from you. It's 30 degrees this evening and I turned back after 15 minutes of trying to train because it was far too humid and hot. I thought "I bet Liz would think that I was soft doing this!"

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

No, I wouldn't have! Hot I can manage..humid gets to me every time and UK can get VERY humid..or "close" as my mother used to say....

Colin Griffiths said...

That's good to know, it's so "close" here that it's nearly touching!

Buttsy said...

Good luck in the ITT...I thought of you yesterday I was looking at a Garmin 705 and I know you had mentioned looks like a fantastic thing...but isnt any new gear?...Will be looking forward to the ITT results.

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Hey Judith..if you've already got a cyclocomputer ur happy with I'd not go for a Garmin..check out this instead

Pop it in yr pocket or tape it to the bike and download it later..just like the Garmin and alot less bulky.

If I were in the market..I'd be trying this. Don't know anyone who has, so can't vouch for it..just like the idea.