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Thursday, 14 May 2009

TRAC..done, dusted and put to bed.

Training has taken a back seat this week with work projects occupying most of my time and all of my energy.

TRAC is/was a 3 month exercise program at work that I led and last night was the final presentation. 1/3 of the work force signed up for it. So 83 teams of 4 people rose to the challenge of exercising their way around Aus and together put in ~844,000 virtual km (each hour of exercise =40km virtual km). They would get round Aus if their team averaged 1 hr exercise/person/day for the 3 months.

20 teams got all the way round and the vast majority had fun. The 3 winning teams all got 1.5 times around and there was 3hrs worth of exercise difference 1st to 3rd by the end! Not only did the staff get fitter and slimmer, but they also had a common task that wasn't work. As a result of this common task a by-product, in management-speak, was the building of "social capital". We had alot of sponsors and a budget so we were able to provide great food at the launch, midway lunch and the finale and great prizes..iPods, gym memberships to name but 2.

So now its done and dusted. It will return ... next year. I recommend the concept to all, the Global Corporate Challenge is the all bells and whistles expensive version and I took part in a similar project at my gym 10-15 years ago. A great team builder.

The other thing leaching out my energy is the re-furbishment of the Physio dept where I work. Now into its 3rd day. Day 1 (Wed) = put up the barriers so we can continue to work in part of the room safely, day 2 (Thursday) = demolish the old walls very loudly. Day 3 (today) ?

In both TRAC and the refurbishment I'm getting to exercise my organisational skills...demonstrating my love of "being in charge"! or as my boss says "leadership". They can call it that if they want but actually its just a case of being a control freak or Little Miss Bossy!!!! (apologies to Roger Hargreaves)


Buttsy said...

"Little Miss Bossy" - that is funny. I have never seen that side of you.....but maybe determined is a better word...Little Miss Determined!

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Hang around me a bit longer and you'll discover the awful truth!!!